Iris Kamil

Linguist and Assyriologist

I am a Semiticist, linguist, and Assyriologist, specialising in Akkadian and Ethiosemitic morphosyntax and morphophonology. My interests lie in all things Proto-Semitic, but also in the synchronic and diachronic analysis of the individual Semitic languages, as well as some Indo-European and isolated languages. More specifically I am (currently) concerned with Semitic ‘template’ morphology (specifically Semitic voice and the t-morpheme), verbal pluractionalisation, and the conflation of the multiple takes on our current state of knowledge of Proto-Semitic into one cohesive theory.

In the Assyriological field I mostly focus on Babylonian epistolary corpora and Ancient Near Eastern religion. Until now, my work mostly revolved around the corpus of Late Babylonian Priestly Literature, specifically on the king’s role and image in the corpus, as well the priests’ self-image in relation to their world-views.